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Frequently Asked Questions


Customer Question #1 - How long is the contract?

Good news! We have no contracts, we have no auto-renewing. We get paid for 1 month at a time. We send you an online invoice and once it's paid we get to work. Your month starts counting one day after you pay your bill. You can pay your bill online with any credit or debit card. We also take PayPal and will accept other methods of payment as well.


Customer Question #2 - Must I have a Twitter account to participate?

Not at all. If you want one we can create one for you - no charge. If you have on great and we can work with your Twitter account and ours as well! 


Customer Question #3 - What do you do exactly?

If you create Tweets we will re-Tweet those as well as create our own Tweets promoting your business. We Tweet content throughout our network of informative Twitter accounts. You can expect about 1,500 impressions per day from the activity. We like to create at least 5 Tweets per day and Tweet and Re-Tweet those through 3-5 other accounts in the network.